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Looking for fun and eye-catching, but practical also?

Our Chala bags are all that and more. Each season Chala adds new and fun items. One of our obsessions are the new laser cut bags. These bags look and feel high end, but allow you to add your personality with the key chains. I have the sloth but I also have the cow and the panda. I don't always like to carry a big bag if I am doing a lot of walking around, but I have come up with the perfect solution, I put all of my essentials in my owl cross body purse, and I have all my must haves (lets face it, we all have those, the powder, chap-stick, lipstick, extra cord and charger etc....) are all in my bag, but if I don't want to carry all of it around I just pop out my cross body and I am good to go. Best of both worlds.

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